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The Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship Association, MIHA, is the organization that governs and runs the Junior High and High School Equestrian Team events in the State of Michigan.  MIHA was established in 1976.  Since then MIHA has grown in size, school, and competitiveness.  The purpose of this organization is to promote continuous growth in programs fostering horsemanship education, sponsor activities to encourage interscholastic participation and to have cooperative adult-supervised leadership (coaching) for all students in grades 5 through 12 who are desirous to participate regardless of race, creed or national origin and meet the Association rules and regulations (By-Laws).

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Throughout Association leadership and coaching, it is our goal that the student members derive whatever enjoyment and benefits possible as a result of participating as riders in horsemanship education programs and interscholastic competition.

MIHA has 2 seasons, a Junior High season that occurs in the spring time and a High School season that occurs in the fall. The Junior High Season includes 18 classes at each meet.  Most districts hold a single Junior High meet, although some hold more than 1 meet.  The High School Season includes 17 classes at each meet.  Districts each hold 3 meets.  The 2 highest scoring teams in each division advance from their District to one of five Regional competitions.  From each Region, the 2 highest scoring teams in each division advance to the State Championship.  At the State Championship the best of the best teams compete in the culmination of their season all vying for the Championship trophy for their Division.


The MIHA Leadership is broken up into 3 logical groups:  Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Districts.  There are 8 members of the Executive Board, there are 19 District chairpersons that make up the Board of Directors, and there are 19 different districts each with any number of coaches, riders, and grooms.

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